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Love at first sight

Gongratulations! I've struggled the last year to find a friendly and robust financial program like this and I was lucky today.

What a FANTASTIC JOB you’ve done with this program. I believe that the User Interface is one of the best I’ve used so far, especially the Tree view of the accounts / budget categories / payees and the Tab pages on the right pane. Everything is just a click away. The currencies handling is just perfect, and this is very important to me. I found also the program very intuitive, thus I set up my accounts easily in a few minutes. I really love it! Why I couldn’t easily discover this program until now?

Thank you and please keep up the very good work!

Stavros Grivas, Greece

Simple but powerful financial program

Account Xpress does what many programs--in particular, home budget programs--fail to achieve. Namely, the program manages to be both extremely powerful and easy to use. Account Xpress is a great fit for users who merely want to track their expenses and those who desire a detailed analysis of their monthly finances. Read full review...

CNET ( Staff

Controlling the Money

When speaking about personal money and family budget, we need not only "something which can count" but also something handy, flexible and easily understandable. It's Account Xpress, the software which meets the highest standards of personal finance solution. Read full review... Editors

Account Xpress is a personal financial management package that is on the way up

Have you made the jump to organizing and managing your finances on your PC? If you're thinking about it, or you've tried other products and found them lacking, you owe it to yourself and your financial future to give Account Xpress a try. The authors of Account Xpress desired to create a software package that was inexpensive, easy to use, yet complex enough to handle today's myriad of accounts and transactions, and they succeeded successfully. Read full review... Editors