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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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I purchased a new computer. How do I transfer Loan & Mortgage from my old computer to my new one?

To transfer Loan & Mortgage from your old computer to your new one, please proceed as follows:

  1. Install Loan & Mortgage on your new computer. You will find a download link and installation instructions for Loan & Mortgage at;
  2. If you are a licensed user of Loan & Mortgage, unlock your copy of Loan & Mortgage on your new computer using your current license details. Otherwise, the new installation of Loan & Mortgage will start with a new 30-day trial license;
    NOTE: Licensed users are responsible to keep a copy of their license details in a safe place. If you lose your license details for Loan & Mortgage, you can retrieve them at Please note that you will need at least your order number and the email address on file under your name to retrieve your license details that way.
  3. Copy your Loan & Mortgage data files (*.lam, *.lts) from your old computer to your new computer using any copying method of your choice. Loan & Mortgage tables (files) have a .lam extension by default. Loan & Mortgage table setup files have a .lts extension by default;
  4. Remove (uninstall) Loan & Mortgage from your old computer (i.e. select 'Start -> All Programs -> Loan And Mortgage 2 -> Uninstall Loan And Mortgage 2' and follow the instructions).
If I purchase a license for Loan & Mortgage, will my license ever expire and will I have to buy a new license again each time a new version of Loan & Mortgage is released?

A software user license for Loan & Mortgage never expires and will continue to work with all minor releases of the application copy for which it was acquired. For example, if you acquired a license for Loan & Mortgage 2.1, that license will continue to work with Loan & Mortgage 2.2, 2.3, etc. However, it will not work with Loan & Mortgage version 3 and subsequent versions.

Upgrading to a new major version is optional and licensed users of a prior version are usually entitled to a discount when upgrading to a new major version.

What is the difference between a minor version and a major version upgrade?

A major version denotes major program enhancements or a complete redesign of the software. A minor version denotes minor enhancements and/or bug fixes.

The first digit of the version number determines whether an upgrade is major or minor. If the first digit is different between two versions of the same application then the upgrade is major. If the first digit is the same for both versions then the upgrade is minor. For example, upgrading from Loan & Mortgage version 1.2 to version 2.0 is a major upgrade (from 1.x to 2.x) while upgrading from version 2.3 to version 2.4 is a minor upgrade (from 2.x to 2.x).

NOTE: We often use the term 'update' when referring to minor upgrades, while the term 'upgrade' itself usually refers to a major upgrade. Updates are usually free while upgrades are not.

I need to re-install Loan & Mortgage on my computer, where can I get the installation file again?

To download the installation file for the most recent release of Loan & Mortgage version 2, please click the following link:

I tried many times, but Loan & Mortgage keeps refusing my license/ registration details, am I doing something wrong?

Please make sure that your name, the name of your company (if one is provided) and your registration number are all entered exactly as provided, no more and no less. This information is case sensitive and the program will refuse any discrepancy, no matter how insignificant it may appear to you. For example, even an additional space between your first and last name will be rejected.

Sometimes, a simple typo may be hard to catch with the eye. Try spelling aloud what you typed while reading it back. You may be surprised of what you can find with this little technique.

Your license details are also not interchangeable between different applications or major versions of the same application. For example, Account Xpress license details will not work with Loan And Mortgage and Loan & Mortgage version 1 license details will not work with Loan & Mortgage version 2 either. Please make sure that your license details were provided for the application (name and major version number) that you are trying to unlock.

Although many may have claimed that their license details for Loan & Mortgage were not working, we have not yet found a single case where such a claim could be validated. In all cases, the license details were accepted by the program once entered properly. Please check your entries carefully.

Does Loan & Mortgage calculate simple interest tables?

Loan & Mortgage was designed mainly to calculate compound interest amortization schedules, but can be used to calculate simple interest tables also. Please search for simple interest in the help file for the complete instructions on how to calculate simple interest tables with Loan & Mortgage.

What is the difference between the Variable and Constant methods of calculating interest in Loan & Mortgage?

When the Constant interest calculation method is used, the percentage of interest calculated on each regular payment (interest factor) does not change from one regular payment to the next. This is always the case for daily, weekly and bi-weekly payments where the number of days between regular payments is always the same.

However, for semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments, the number of days between payments is not constant because the number of days from one month to the next can vary from 28 to 31. In this case, any of the two methods can be used. The Constant interest calculation method will assume that the interest factor does not change regardless of the number of days between regular payments (i.e. a month is a month regardless of its number of days). The Variable method on the other hand, will calculate a different interest factor for each payment based on the number of days between payments.

I can't find an answer to my question in the list of Frequently Asked Questions for Loan & Mortgage. What can I do now?

First, thank you for taking the time to search for an answer to your question about Loan & Mortgage in our list of frequently asked questions. Doing so really helps us to avoid wasting valuable time answering the same questions over and over again, which leaves us more time to answer the questions that have not already been answered.

Since the answer to your question can not be found in this list, please click here to submit your question directly to our support team, who will be happy to answer it as soon as possible.