Account Xpress

Personal Finance Manager
Installation Instructions

Account Xpress version 4 can co-exist with older major versions (i.e. Account Xpress version 1.x, 2.x or 3.x) on the same computer, but must NOT be installed in the same location (i.e. folder / directory). However, if you are updating Account Xpress version 4 to a newer release (e.g. from version 4.1 to 4.2), you should install the new release in the same location as the previous one. In this case, the previous release does not need to be uninstalled as the new release will simply replace it in its current location. In case of doubts, simply use the default options during the installation.

System Requirements
  • Windows Vista or greater
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 20 MB available hard disk space
  • SVGA or better monitor
  • Works with any printer supported by Windows
  1. Click here (or the download button above) to download the installation file (i.e. ax4setup.exe) for the most current version of Account Xpress (i.e. version 4.0.5, 7.72 MB);
  2. Depending on your browser configuration, you may be prompted for a location where to save the installation file. If so, then select the location where you want the file to be saved (or use your default location) and click Save to save the file in that location. Otherwise, the installation file should automatically be saved in the default download location as set in your browser configuration;
    Save As Dialog
  3. Generally, once the download is complete, your browser should display a link (icon or button) that you can click to open the installation file (i.e. to start the installer). If that is not the case with your browser, simply locate and double-click the installation file (ax4setup.exe) in Windows Explorer to start the installation;
    ax4setup.exe in Windows Explorer
  4. The Welcome page of the installer is then displayed. The installer will now guide you through the rest of the installation. If at any point during the installation you are not sure which option to choose, simply accept the default option selected.
    Installation Welcome Screen