Password Manager & Event Reminder Software

Mindful Product Overview

Password Manager & Event Reminder Software - Mindful Small Box Shot

Mindful™ is designed to help you remember important matters that are often too easy to forget. That is why its two main features consist of an event reminder and a password manager. However, Mindful also provides many other related tools including a perpetual mini calendar, date calculator, random password generator, countdown timer and keyboard string parser.

Your user names and passwords are safe with Mindful as they are protected using a 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard; the kind of encryption adopted as a standard by the US Government. Your passwords can also be as complex as you want them to be since Mindful will even enter them for you by pressing a simple global shortcut key combination.

Mindful starts automatically each time you start your computer. When minimized, it remains in the notification area (system tray) ready for you to use at any time. From there you can restore it by clicking its icon or by pressing its activation global hot key (default is CTRL+SHIFT+M). When you right-click the Mindful icon in the notification area, a shortcut menu appears with commands to access Mindful's main features and tools directly.

Mindful is simple, but loaded with features and tools that can be used day after day, all year long. It is optimized to consume very few resources and resides in the notification area when minimized.

Many software companies will charge you more for a software product that does only one of the two main features found in Mindful. But Mindful combines these two major features and many other related tools into one inexpensive software product that will not break your bank or consume much of your precious computer resources.

Mindful remembers for you because you have better things to do.